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Our Island Chandlery

Our Chandlery is located on the magical island of Jamaica. We are a small business and make small batches of products for our growing community. Being able to build our company in Jamaica has been a dream. Our beautiful Island is not short of muses and inspiration. We are inspired by our natural environment and a determination to be responsible in our practices. All of our products are vegan and sourced from local ingredients where possible. As we grow, we are constantly looking at ways to ensure our products are eco-friendly.

The people of Jamaica are also special. We come from a strong heritage built on community and the concept of elders who guide us and share blessings with us. Ngozi Sweet Blessings products are made with love and intention, with a hope of abundant blessings for our loyal community with whom we get to share this passion.

For our friends from other countries, we hope that our products will leave you with warm feelings from Jamaica. And we would hope that one day you get the chance to visit our beautiful Island and share in the magic.