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Custom Orders

Minimum Requirements: 

Ngozi Sweet Blessings requires a minimum of 12 items or products for customised orders. Delivery or shipping not included.

Timeline for confirmation is two days - If orders are not confirmed within this time period and paid in full your order will not be processed. 

Full payment is required for processing

Design Requirements

Your responsibility:

  • State the item/products and the quantity
  • Choose up to two fragrances (for candles) other items have standardised blends.
  • Submit logo for label design
  • Submit quotes/tag lines to be represented on the label

You are allowed to change your labeling up to two times free of charge.

Modifications to custom label:  $1000 JMD charge for any additional changes.

For more information please email us at or whatsapp 876-356-3003. 

- Ngozi Xperience