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Staying Positive Throughout the Storm

What a year it has been! This year has definitely tested our faith in more ways than one. Our usual supply quantities are low and their costs have increased significantly. Shipping costs have increased and as such, we would have had to complete price adjustments. Let us not even speak of the rate of exchange from Jamaican Dollars to USD 🙃.

Business has slowed but we also give thanks for our stockists and all the individuals who have continued to support us during these unprecedented times. There have been several moments where giving up seemed like the easier option. However, we came to realise there is a greater power at play that helps to keep us going.

We would like to give thanks for our beautiful website. Words cannot believe to describe how GRATEFUL we were for this gift. Thank you Micha! The website unlocked motivation that was hidden. The advent of was very timely and we couldn't have done it without your help.

We began posting more on our social media, taking photos, getting feedback from our customers on changes they'd love to see. Whilst most things went right, there were persons who experienced dissatisfaction. Therefore, we're implementing forms and documents to ensure that we dot every T and cross every I.

2020 was the beginning of a hard road. We will continue to  create. We will continue to rest on the days that calls for it. We will continue to love.

We are thankful for your patience. We are working on enabling our checkout soon and will be sure to update customers via social media. More than excited!